Christmas Wrap-Up

What, it’s still January…I’m sure there are a few Christmas trees still up somewhere.

Chez Harper, it was a homemade holiday.  First up, little messenger bags for my nieces:

I'm especially proud of my top-stitching on these.

This is the Child’s Messenger Bag from One Yard Wonders.  I think this pattern is meant for larger children than my nieces:

She'll grow into it.

Because I picked plain denim, I thought the flap needed some embellishment.  I traced the pocket off of a pair of my jeans, using press-and-seal kitchen wrap:

Thank you, internet, for the tip!

Fun lining:

Related, but different.

Up next on the sewing table was this purse, the Buttercup Bag, for a fellow-green-loving friend:


There’s always a panic after  I attach the lining and have to turn everything right-side-out, when I’m sure I’ve done something wrong:

"This can't be right," I think, but it is.

Also under the tree was this silk scarf for another friend:

Silky fringe.

I didn’t do a true rolled hem on this, but a combination of machine and hand stitches:

Modified narrow hem.

Three years after crocheting some snowflakes for coworkers, I finally got around to starching them:

Makeshift blocking board, some cardboard boxes and waxed paper.

Of course I mean that I starched the snowflakes, not the coworkers.  Although the process went a fair way towards starching ME;  cooked cornstarch is insidiously slimy, and it was EVERYWHERE.

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